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  • My anxiety is pretty high right now… I feel like throwing up… 18:12:06
  • I heart Canadian commercials because they're so much less mindless… 19:45:27
  • I bought these Timberland shoeboots 7 years ago… now after 7 winters, I could use a new pair, but I cant find them anywhere.. 19:49:08
  • I reckon its bedtime… homework and personal (non-Holiday) shopping errands tomorrow… 02:11:17
  • Im bored. But I also should advance my morning… 10:48:56
  • Worlds oldest Hockey team RT @McGillU: A nice little nugget from the North Bay Nugget on the McGill Redmen hockey team 10:52:00
  • 99 years, 51 weeks… 11:05:52
  • Apologies to anyone who might be offended by my holiday negativity… it's deep-seated issues from my aggregate perspective. 11:41:08
  • My life was basically the Jewish kid in the movie Saved!, Kyle from South Park, and living it in consumerist America. 11:42:21
  • New post: Twitter updates from 2009-11-26 12:03:54
  • In bed watching ESPN Classic 1955 Stanley Cup finals, DET v MTL. Boy what a style of play… Where are those Habs of yesteryear today…? 02:32:59
  • Thank you Canadians. 11:17:12
  • markoV…? markoV…? markoV…? 12:17:32
  • I am thankful for Markov skating. 12:21:19
  • The Canadiens Alerts on FB still aren't beating out twitter… 13:00:21

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