Monday, March 19, 2007

Interesting Commercials

It's been a while since i've updated. School is going well and I am just about to finish up midterms and begin working on research papers for both classes. The semester ends in a month and a half. I just applied for my field work for next year so hopefully I get a decent placement. Work is just there but I only have 4 1/2 months left and I'm taking some vacation time in July. This past weekend I ventured up to UConn. It was great hanging out with the now AEPhis. I'm so proud of where PEA has gone and that it is actually a sorority now.

I love those commercials for not smoking that are on tv. I think they are so creative. My new favorite is the one where the moms are made out of ice and they are pregnant. You can see the baby dolls in their stomachs. It is a really hot day and the moms begin to melt leaving the babies on the ground. Then there is a sign with a statistic of how many kids are left without moms because of smoking. Now the only question about these commercials is how effective are they. Obviously they have gotten my attention but I don't even smoke!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a pretty crazy story

so today my boss came in to tell us a story of a friend of an employee who just left because she was moving. Her friend was walking up to her house over the weekend and fell on ice and hit her head and was knocked out. No one was around and no one knew she was hurt so she froze to death.

This story is pretty crazy and it definitely makes me think a lot about my own life and how I just need to live every day to the fullest because you never know when something crazy will happen. In respects to that, I also feel like i'm wasting my days right now and am more eager than ever before to finish my degree and start working.

Monday, January 29, 2007

An interesting decision!

So for the past few years I have been back and forth on my stance when it comes to abortion. Two weeks ago I had a discussion with my friend Marissa about how it can be such a confusing decision and there are so many different aspects to think about. On Saturday we discussed abortion in my human behavior class and I think I have finally made up my mind as to where I stand.

I think one of the main reasons I struggled with this decision is because of my new interest in the field of social work. Originally I was against abortion because I saw it as killing a life and how could someone do that, etc. As I become more educated in the field I had to realize all of the other possibilities for getting rid of an unborn fetus. So personally I am against abortion for myself but people should be allowed to make that decision for themselves.

I do agree with no abortions being performed afer a certain point where the fetus could survive outside of the body. However I now do not see how someone can decide for someone else that they have to have a child. When looking at all of the children involved in the welfare system in the country, why would we want to set up more children to be involved in a system that has enough problems already. Also no one is perfect and people do make mistakes. If someone doesnt have enough money to support a baby, they should still have to have it. Its pretty ridiculous now that I think about all of the different situations. There are also certain situations of rape or incest where a child might result and if abortion was illegal then these mothers would have to keep their children as a permanent reminder of their abuse.

So after a long time of going back and forth I think that abortion should be allowed as long as the abortion is legal and the mother is not past the date that the fetus could survive on its own outside of the womb.

In other news school is going well. Kindercare is tolerable for the time being. I am looking forward to August more than ever because im tired of making this trip to NY on the weekends and then being in Monroe all week. So 6 months to go......

Monday, January 08, 2007

Funny story

So nothing new has happened since my last post except for a funny story at the doctor today. My junior year of highschool I had surgery on my right foot and the doctor put a screw in there to help the bone heal. Today I went for a re-check of my tendonitis and the doctor was going to take the screw out. So he put the shots in to numb the area and the shots hurt a lot. Then the nurse took me to get x-rays and I passed out on the x-ray machine. So after the craziness I had juice and then got the x-rays taken again. Then the doctor took the screw out, stitched up my foot and now I have my screw as a rememberance of this crazy day!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 already!!

So I finished my first semester at Fordham and finally my grades were posted today. I got a 4.0 which was so exciting because I've never had a semester with a 4.0. I've gotten pretty close but now I finally did it. So school is going well and I'm ready for next semester to start next weekend. I'm taking the same two classes with the same two profs but its the next section of the classes so hopefully everything will go smoothly next semester as well.

There have been big changes at work. I now have an assistant teacher in my room with me and more kids but they are new kids. I'm now a multi-age room with older 3's and younger 4's. So far things have been going well minus the chaos of our absent manager. The kids seem to be adjusting well and once things get organized everything will be good. There are a lot of girls in this class so the behavior is so much better than my old class.

Other than that i've just been hanging out and enjoying a few weekends off from going to New York. Spencer was here for a week and we hung out a lot so that was nice. I also did a little shopping and that was nice too. Somehow I managed to get tendonitis in my right foot so that isn't fun and i've been wearing a night splint. My foot is feeling a little bit better but I have to go back on Monday for a check up and I might be getting my screw out of my foot then too so we shall see what Monday brings. Other than that I'm looking forward to a good 2007!

Monday, November 06, 2006

November already!

I really can't believe its November already and that I'm halfway through my first semester of graduate school. Things are going pretty well. I got my first midterm back for human behavior and I got a 105 so I'm pretty happy with an A+ on my first graduate school exam. My other midterm is next week and hopefully that will go well too. Other than that I'm just doing a lot of reading and working on my paper.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about next year because come March I have to decide if I want my field work to be in NY or CT and then I'll have to start looking for apartments and all that fun stuff. I still havn't made up my mind but I have started looking for potential areas to live in NY.

Work has been going ok too. The kids dressed in pjs for halloween and it was really cute. I'm working on evaluating the kids right now for parent/teacher conferences in december so that's takign a lot of time but other than that the days go by pretty fast. I still wish i could make some more progress with some of them though because I still have one who doesn't know the first letter of his name. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I can only try my best and after that he'll just have to learn it when he learns it.

Spencer and I saw flushed away. It was really cute and I liked it a lot. We went to a cute restaurant afterward and sat and talked for a while. It was really nice! My mom also got us tickets to see blue man group in December. We have third row poncho seats and i'm really excited!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So things seem to be going pretty well overall. Work hasn't been too bad lately and I really love my kids most of the time. I've started to see improvement in their writing and learning and its a really good feeling to know that I'm teaching them all of this.

School is going well too. I have one midterm due on Saturday and my other midterm in a few weeks. I'm also ready to get the paper for research methods going so this weekend will definitely include library time.

I was able to spend a long weekend in NY finally after having a bunch of weekends cut short. Its nice that for now i'm able to spend more time than I thought with Spencer. We went to starbucks on friday night and then to a pool place. Then Saturday I had class then starbucks again and then we went to the movies to see man of the year. It was funny but not as funny as I thought it was going to be. On Sunday we met David at starbucks and I did about 4 hours of work. It was really good. Then Monday we hung out at the mall and I came back to Monroe. I'm still having problems switching back and forth between my weekend life and weekday life so its still hard to have to leave.

Other than that I'm having issues with my decision for next year. It seems to be heavily weighing on my mind no matter what other things I need to get done. Hopefully the solution will become clearer as decision time gets closer. Unfortunately there are problems with all of my solutions and benefits to all of my solutions so we'll see.