This Fall (2009), I start a PhD program at UMass-Amherst, causing Judi and me to move from NYC to Western MA. After three years of living here in the City, moving date is likely July 1.

With time dwindling here in NYC, and an interminable timeline for a return visit, I’m starting a “bucket list” of things I need to do/see here in the City before kicking its proverbial bucket.  Please help me write this NYC bucket list by commenting below.

If you write that getting together/having coffee/lunch, etc with you is something I should do, please suggest a date/time that I can work around.

Remember, in the interim, I’m still unemployed and thus, do not have access to innumerable funds.  I also lack a car and I live in Queens.

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    smalrus UNITED STATES Windows Vista Google Chrome Says:

    poutine @ Pommes Frites
    jambalaya @ Acme/Great Jones
    Bukharian @ Cheburechnaya

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