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Rane Lyrics Compendium
Featuring the most up-to-date Rane lyrics available.
Collected from, the rane onelist newsgroup, and the lyricists themselves.
Last Updated: 19 May 2008 - Added 'Side B' & two untitled songs (to be verified)
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Rane (1997)

At War With
The Moon

Camelopardalis (2000)

1. The Long Road
2. Coming Home
3. Words
4. Tides
5. Niagra
6. Rain
7. - (also known as "Cheese")
8. Coming Home (reprise)
9. Clouds
10. Broca's Aphasia
11. Trip  

12. Decisions (non-lp)

13. Goomba (instrumental non-lp track)
14. Hazelnut (also known as "Jazz"; instrumental non-lp track)

1. Helium
2. For Them
3. Apple
4. Niagara
5. Castles
6. Where We Come From
7. Sun Lays Down
8. At War With The Moon
9. Mirage
1. Feeding the Machine
2. Circus Ride (also known as "13/8")
3. Bownicity
4. When We Ride
5. Gemini
6. Transportation
7. Flutter
8. Minutes
9. Fullness and Decay
10.  Somewhere in Between Sadness and Peace (also known as "4->5")

11. Kyte (instrumental non-lp track)

The Hope Seed (2003)

From the Vine
Vol. 1

From the Vine
Vol. 2

1. Forwards Onwards (also known as "The Words (You and I)")
2. From the Vine
3. The Rambler
4. New England Song
5. The Wanderer
6. The Sounds of Sleep
7. August
8. The Mysterious Disappearance of Secunindo Maldanado
9. Center of Ourselves
1. The Single Color
2. Cat Stevens
3. No Hablo
4. Goomba
5. At War With The Moon
6. Cello Jig
7. Somber Retreat
8. Blue
9. Within Song
(also known as "Bubbles")
1. Limitless
2. Rain
3. Broca's Aphasia
4. Clouds Theme
5. Placenta
6. Hazelnut (also known as "Jazz")

7. Resort to Whisperings

Telescope EP (2005)

Magnetic North (2005)


1. Kemet (Telescope)
2. Live in Style
3. The Gauge
4. In the Presence of the City
5. Charging Forward's Blindness
1. Magnetic North
2. Live in Style
3. What It's For
4. The Shark
5. A Moment Too Soon - (also known as "Weakness")
6. On Better Days
7. In the Presence of the City
8. New World

9. Money $$$ong
1. The Bending Light
2. Make It Happen
3. Untitled 1 (instrumental, no lyrics yet)
4. Sedona
5. Side B
6. Untitled 2
7. Untitled 3



Google Finance

I've become a big advocate of Google. I think they truly have managed to break the hold of Microsoft and if anything, have also demonstrated the sheer power of the cliched Web 2.0. This finance site is no small potatoes either. The graphs are so simple yet so lush in data, and the rest of the pages are no different. Perhaps the most appealing feature is the portfolio which, with a Google account, lets you enter in how many shares of a stock you own and track all of its vitals in one page. I entered in my 401k breakdown and at any given time, it lets me visualise my account better than my 401k planner does.


The stomach flu got me at the end of the year, making for the worst sickness I've felt in probably 10-15 years. Every hour, I was either on or over the toilet and at times, had to keep a bag next to the bed for those times I couldn't make it to the toilet fast enough. From what I've heard, I wasn't the only one to catch this horrible disaster in the past 2-3 weeks. I was supposed to go to Andrew's for the opening of the 7 year old time capsule and video but the stomach flu sidelined my plans (I'm finally at about 85% recovery) and for that, you are the asshole of the week.

The Smalrus Habs Rankings 2004-2005

Rankings pending...

Opus of Prince Arthur and St. Laurent, No. 03

Movement 1, September 20
Movement 2, October 18
Movement 3, November 22
Movement 4, December 20
Movement 5, January 17
Movement 6, February 21
Movement 7, March 27
Movement 8, April 17
Movement 9, CODA, May 22


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