v.9.0 – 2007 – The 10th anniversary of The Smalrus Web Site implements the content management system (CMS) WordPress, allowing for a more updated and modernized “blog” format. Doing so allows for better use of mySQL in maintaining RSS feeds, trackback links, site commenting, and content archiving.

v.8.0 – 2002 – Site implements php coding, allowing for the header, footer, and sidebars to function as modules, reducing the download time of pages, conserving site space, and allowing for uniformity on all pages.

v.7.0 – 2001 – The migration of the website to smalrus.com is made in response to the impending shutdown of nbci. In this manner, all functions and capabilities are assumed by the webmaster in favour of more sophisticated coding technology. This version of the site uses javascripting to create more common weblog format, including a header, footer, and two sidebars.

v.6.0 – 2000 – Frames are replaced with a home image map of Dali’s “Nature Morte Vivant.” Various parts of the picture link to the various parts of the website.

v.5.0 – 1999 – Frame graphics and style layout are redone on the site.

v.4.0 – 1999 – Site is changed to nbci with the takeover of xoom. Frames are added in order for site navigation to remain constant.

v.3.0 – 1999 – Site is migrated to xoom after a better hosting offer and easier URL. Graphics buttons are added in order to make various content pages more accessible.

v.2.0 – 1998 – Site is migrated to Geocities. Content is still rudimentary, but also more personalized, heavily featuring Star Trek and Beatles interests. At this time, the Smalrus name comes into play – an amalgam of “small walrus” after the Beatles’ song “I am the Walrus” as well as “small Ross.”

v.1.0 – 1997 – The Smalrus Web Site is started on the servers at South Windsor High School. Format is rudimentary HTML as to learn how to form lists, insert links, graphics, fonts and colours.

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