Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spencer and Judi’s Wedding

Welcome to our wedding page. This is the main repository for everything that anyone may want or need to know about our September 6, 2009 wedding.

The Background Story – (posted 1/5/08)

The Proposal – (updated 1/8/08)

Proposal Pictures – (updated 1/5/08)

The Wedding – (started 9/09/09)

Gift Registry – (updated 3/08/09)

The Locations (Synagogue and Reception Hall), Accomodations, & Guest Maps (updated 2/16/09)

The Wedding Party (posted 3/13/08)

Calendar (updated 3/09/09)

Guestbook (updated 1/5/08)

E-mail Spencer

E-mail Judi

E-mail Spencer and Judi

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